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Find the answers you're looking for, whether it's installing a new septic system , or signing up for our online maintenance contracts, we provide service for all of Brazoria, Galveston, & Ft Bend County.

General Information

This depends on the plan you choose, you can find more details on our septic contract pricing page.

Advanced Aerobic Systems does NOT provide a refill service for chlorine tablets. For more information as to why we believe it's unreasonable to charge customers for such a service please visit our Tablet Chlorinator Section

A septic system is a sub-surface wastewater treatment system. Gravity-flow systems include multiple septic tanks (or compartments) to retain solids & greases/fats, and a disposal field to allow the remaining effluent out into the ground. Aerobic units treat wastewater better than older gravity-flow units. See our aerobic section for more info.

The answer to this likely depends on your situation. Overall, the Liquid Chlorinator will out-perform the Tablet Chlorinator in every way. Find more details on Tablet vs. Liquid Chlorinators here.

If your aerobic septic system has an alarm, the first thing you can do is mute the Audible buzzer by pressing on the Mute switch or button on your control panel. Secondly, check your air pump, ensure the small tube that runs from your air pump to your controller is still intact.

If your alarm still persists, please contact us and we'll get out to you ASAP.

My Online Account

This depends on the plan you choose, you can find more details on our septic contract pricing page.

We hope you've enjoyed using Auto-Tracts! Once your subscription has been canceled, the septic maintenance contract that we've filed with the county (or with TCEQ depending on your area) for your Septic System will be VOIDED and you'll no longer be under contract with us. Additionally, all the data in Auto-Tracts related to your account (payment information, account history, addresses, etc.) will be erased permanently.

To Proceed with cancellation of your Auto-Tracts Subscription: Please contact the main office phone line and we'll process your request, thanks!

Please Note: Once your request has been processed, unless you opt our offline standard "essential" plan, you will be responsible for finding a new maintenance provider for your septic system.

No Problem! Auto-Tracts is designed to be easy and simple to use for everyone (even if they already have a contract). Just call in or contact the office and we'll work things out with you (how we proceed here will depend on how much time your current contract has left before it expires).

Auto-Tracts is a brand new, industry-leading subscription service custom-built for Advanced Aerobic Systems: Say Hello to Automated Septic Maintenance Contracts!

What do we mean by "Automated"? Auto-Tracts is a subscription service for automatically renewing septic maintenance contracts on this website. Auto-Tracts even signs your contract for you using a digital signature. It's completely automated which provides you, the customer, with more options tailored to your specific needs. For instance we can now offer a monthly payment option. So now, instead of paying hundreds of dollars up-front every year, you only have to pay a small fee each month.

If you've ever had a maintenance contract for your septic system, you know how frustrating it can get: You haven't received your inspection report yet, you're not even sure if that inspection has been completed yet. Or even worse, you forgot to send in payment for your renewal and the county sends you a "notice of violation" letter as a result. With Auto-Tracts, all these problems are a thing of the past:

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Automatic contract renewal (no more hassles from the county)
  • Low monthly payments (spread your payment out)
  • 24/7 Online access to your account
  • Contract                                  Inspections
  • Invoices                                   Photos
  • Proposals                                   
  • Contract Add-ons (Build-your-Plan)
  • And More!

In order for something as magical as Auto-Tracts to work smoothly, we do our part behind the scenes. Due to different state and local county requirements, we do need a bit of time (usually just a couple minutes) to get your online account setup for the first time. Once we're ready, you'll receive an email with a link to setup your password then you'll be good to go 🙂

So give us a call, (or shoot us an email 24/7) and we'll be happy to help you get started!

Of course! It's a bit of a manual process right now, but all you need to do is contact us via email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help. - Lots of these features (and lots more) will be accessible to you in the future 🙂

No Problem! Auto-Tracts is designed to be easy and simple to use for everyone. For instance, if you've forgotten your password, please use the "forgot password" link to reset it, then check your email 🙂

If you're new here, we're happy to help you with getting your account up and running, just contact the office via email or phone and we'll get your account setup for you in no time!

New Installations

Site-specific conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • On-Site Soils
  • Available Lot Space
  • Structures, wells, etc.
  • Size of house/bedroom count

Call or email us and we’ll go out and take a look at your site, then give you a quote for how much it’ll cost to install it. Once the contract is typed up and signed, we’ll have our licensed engineer work up a design for your septic system.

If you are building a new house: Yes.

If your house already has a septic system:

The State of Texas allows old gravity flow units that are working to remain in place. If your current gravity flow system is backing up and not draining properly then it could be time for an upgrade. Also if your tank has serious cracks in the side walls or damaged field lines, these could be other signs of a replacement requirement.

Aerobic septic systems are designed according to site-specific conditions determined by many factors. As a result, it is not possible at this time for us to post any pricing online. Please call us to discuss your particular situation. Thank you.

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Email: Support@AdvancedAerobic.Systems

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