Preventive Maintenance

Your Aerobic Septic System is a very sensitive ecosystem comprised of live bacteria. Follow these great tips to keep your septic system running smoothly.

Septic Problems

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Locate Tank Openings

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TIPS: Do's & Dont's'

All systems have to be pumped out, go longer between pumping by not adding things that can't decompose easily: Follow the tips below and avoid doing things that speed solid buildup.

Septic Pumping

Pumping (also referred to as vacuuming) is something all septic systems need every 3-5 years. Jump down to see pricing information and our recommendations on septic pumping.


Septic System Tips: Do's & Dont's

Our comprehensive inspections will alert you of the small problems before they become big repairs.  We’ll educate you on what to do, to avoid, common problems, and best practices.


Things to Do:

  • Pump system every 2-5 years.  All tanks must be cleaned when solid levels get to high. We provide a pumping service for our customers.
  • Excessive laundry should be spread out over the week, this can prevent a potential overload on your system.
  • If your aerobic system uses tablets, be sure to check it every month, and only refill with Septic Tablets.
  • Call your maintenance provider when you have an alarm. (problems can multiply when a small issue is left for too long)
  • Keep fire ants away from system electrical components.
  • Keep grass trimmed around system and disposal field.

Things to Avoid:

  • Over pumping. This will waste money. Our skilled technicians will let you when pumping is necessary.
  • Leaky toilets and sinks.  Repair them immediately; even a small constant drip can quickly overload your septic system.
  • Excessive garbage disposal use, as this puts organic material into your system that doesn't biodegrade.
  • Excessive amounts of bleach products or cleaners.. These products kill beneficial bacteria and can cause odors along with other problems.
  • Excessive use of fabric softener can bind the organic materials in your aerobic system, preventing them from biodegrading.
  • Turning the power off to save electricity or silence an alarm.  Only do so when directed by the maintenance provider.
  • Repairing system, unless you have been trained in the system. This can be extremely hazardous: electricity and water don't mix.  


  • Flush paints or household chemicals such as automobile fluids.
  • Flush non-biodegradable products such as cigarette butts, paper towels, condoms, bandages, etc.
  • Use excessive amounts of strong disinfectants, bleach, or drano. These products kill beneficial bacteria and can cause odors along with other problems.
  • Use the blue toilet bowel cleaner with each flush.
  • Use swimming pool tablets. This hurts the environment and is against the law. Fines from $500 to $2000.
  • Store waste water tablets next to gasoline.  Mixing both vapors will cause spontaneous combustion. (start a fire without a match)

Aerobic Septic Pumping (vacuuming)

All Aerobic Septic systems need to be pumped out by a licensed vacuum truck company ever 3-5 years depending on usage. - Advanced Aerobic Systems checks the solid levels in your septic system during our inspection visits, and we'll let you know when it's time to vacuum out your tank.

We provide High-Quality pumping services to all our customers with great pricing. Whoever you choose to go with for your vacuuming needs, make sure the company cleans the system completely when it is pumped (all tanks & chambers). Partial cleaning will cause more frequent pumpouts.


We charge a flat rate for vacuuming most 500 GPD septic tank models.  However, if the effluent level in your septic system is higher than during normal operation (system backing up/other issue), your septic tank has a capacity over 500 GPD, or if you are located further than 45 miles away from our base of operation, additonal fees will be applied on top of the flat rate we provide. Our rates may change or be adjusted at any time, please call the office for pricing.

Time To Pump: Septic Pumpout

There are multiple compartments in your treatment unit, we check the levels in each one during our inpsections. this helps prevent future issues that may arise.

Side-effects of high solids:

  • Premature water pump failure.
  • Soilds spraying onto lawn.
  • Clogged filters, backed-up system.

We don't want things to get this bad, so we keep an eye on things to let you know when we see a potential issue.

Tank Compartments: Just one opening?

There are multiple compartments in your septic system, possibly more than just one tank. - Even if you see 3 green openings above the ground, there could still be more hidden beneath the surface.

Buried, or otherwise inaccessible tank openings present a wall of sorts for us. We're unable to accurately determine if your septic system needs pumping or not. Additonally, most vacuuming companies charge an addtional fee each time they have to dig down to a tank opening, and that's assuming they're able to find them all.

We dug up these tank openings for access

What happens if only part of your septic system is pumped?

  • Rapid buildup of solids (another pumpout soon awaits you)
  • Paying extra $ for a partial pumpout job

We know your system, and we can easily tell how many openings your tank has by the model, and design of your septic system. -






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